Lions Club G.O.O.D. Award Ceremony Held

The Lion's Club GOOD Awards were presented on Friday, May 5th at Karaffa Elementary School. The GOOD Award was created by Ron Derry. Mr. Derry developed this award with the belief that more emphasis should be placed on student behaviors within the school environment. He created a list of ten behaviors, which he thought would enable students to become GOOD citizens. The ten behaviors were: student attends school regularly; student completes homework assignments on time; student displays neatness and accuracy with all written work; student shows preparation for all announced tests; student shows interest in learning through means of appropriate questions; student is a good listener in class; student constantly shows respect for administrators, teachers, and all other school personnel; Student does his/her part to see the classroom is conducive to a good learning environment; student displays acts of good citizenship on a daily basis; and student has shown an act of caring towards another person in a difficult situation. These ten behaviors became the criteria for the GOOD award. Teachers at Karaffa Elementary School were asked to select one student in their third, fourth, or fifth grade class who best exemplified these behaviors. Students who had previously won the GOOD award were not eligible to receive it again.

The 2017 G.O.O.D. Award recipient were third grader Gracee Rex, daughter of Dana and Jared Rex; third grader Kendra Board, daughter of Shelley and Thomas Board; third grader Lola Stewart, daughter of Amanda and Seth Stewart, fourth grader Ava Watkins, daughter of Nathan and Debbie Watkins; fourth grader Russ Dickinson, son of Jenny and G.R. Dickinson, fourth grader Lani Filby, daughter of Jennifer and Todd Filby; fifth grader Haley Rudder daughter of Susan Cronin; fifth grader Josey Prayso, daughter of Kelly Bickerstaff and Jake Prayso; fifth grader Gavin Blake, son of Ashley Waggoner. Toronto Lions Club members Ellsworth Graham, Bob Woodside, Jim Coffey, Dick Carter, Bill Rebres, Fred Burns, and Chris Dopp participated in the awards ceremony. Bob Woodside, Toronto Lion’s Club member, was the keynote speaker.

Mr. Chris Dopp, principal of Karaffa Elementary School, congratulated each of the honored students and their parents and thanked the Lions Club for sponsoring the G.O.O.D. program at Karaffa Elementary School.

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