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Toronto City Schools just opened a brand new 6-12 Jr/Sr High School that offers a wonderful learning environment to students, complete with state of the art technologies to compliment our Karaffa Elementary School.  The technological advantages our district provides, give our students in the entire district the ability to achieve success and are equal, if not superior, to any school district in the area.

Both schools are equipped with the latest technological equipment available today and provide a secure and safe environment where your child can focus on learning.  In addition, we are continually modifying and improving our curriculum to meet the demands required by the State Common Core Standards in order to give your child the best possible education.  We have also added two tracts to our high school curriculum this school year.  Your child will have the opportunity to qualify for our Honors Program or the Scholars Program which are focused on high academic achievement.  At Karaffa Elementary, our SFA (Success for All) reading program offers rigorous instruction that teaches children to read from an early age increasing student achievement while promoting lifelong learning. 

Finally, the “Respect the T” Program implemented in both buildings continues to be effective in lessening discipline problems and instilling pride in the students who attend Toronto.


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We are dedicated to offering the best, quality education to each of our students since 1889. It gives us great pride that the traditions continue throughout the halls of Toronto City Schools. We are fortunate to have the support of our parents and community to continue this degree of excellence within our educational system for over one hundred years.

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